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Quanta System

Quanta System S.p.A. was founded in 1985 and has over twenty years experience in the design of laser sources, laser systems and specific solutions for the OEM market. R-Action Distribution offers the CyberTM Thulium:Yag laser for benign prostate hyperplasia and the Litho Holmium:Yag laser for lithotripsy.



Deflux® is a gel that is used in endoscopic injections to treat VUR. It is the material that the surgeon injects around the ureter opening to create a valve function and stop urine from flowing back up the ureter.




SurgiQuest trocar technology is transforming laparoscopic surgery by eliminating the inconveniences of conventional trocars, such as scope smudging, fragmented specimen removal and seal disintegration but also providing continually evacuation of surgical smoke and plume through a proprietary, circulatory flow design.


Prostate HistoScanning™ is a novel ultrasound-based application that utilises advanced tissue characterisation algorithms to visualise the position and extent of differentiated prostatic tissue, suspected of being malignant.




The Meike® PBSV4.1 3D bladder scanner has female, male & paediatric scan modes and offers the highest precision in its class with up to 24 scan planes. The large touch screen provides real-time vision of the bladder and auto-recognition of the bladder boundaries and volume.






RA Distribution

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